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Teacher Feature – Kyle Taulbee



Electric Guitar • Acoustic Guitar • Bass Guitar • Ukulele • Drums

“Hi! I am a self-made performing musician, songwriter, DIY music producer and, over all, music
enthusiast. I come from the field of Behavioral Psychology, working mainly with clients on the
Autism spectrum as well as those diagnosed with Mood Disorders. My job was to teach my
clients what other people have had difficulty teaching to them and to help them achieve
independence. Similarly, my goal as a guitar teacher is to nurture my students’ passion and
facilitate the achievement of their goals so they can experience the fulfillment that comes from
an active love of music. In the process, my students will become well rounded and competent
musicians that are capable of expressing themselves fully on the guitar and even of doing
professional work as a guitarist. I aim to do this the same way I learned myself – by playing

I became interested in the guitar at 8 years old and spent years honing my technique by
learning songs that I liked. As I improved, I began to understand what makes music work and
why I liked the music I did. I was able to apply what I was learning to start making my own music
and performing in bands as a professional musician. Since 2011 I’ve been playing all kinds of
music; rock, pop, country, metal, funk, disco, and hip-hop, to audiences in both the dozens and
in the hundreds around Metro-Detroit.

As a self-taught guitarist, I know what it’s like to learn from the ground up. I also know what it’s
like to feel discouraged, uncertain about what to do next, and even a little helpless. I’m aware of
the walls you can run into when learning an instrument or studying theory (I’ve hit a lot of them)
and I can help to move past them or avoid them completely. I’ve seen firsthand the things you
can achieve with a focused and directed effort and the opportunities that become available
along the way. Furthermore, if you are looking for a person-centered, inclusive guitar instructor
who knows how to work with people from all walks of life, look no further. No matter the person,
music can work for you.” – Canton Music Academy Bio

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