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Introducing Kyle Taulbee: Canton Music Academy’s New Guitar Teacher

Introducing Kyle Taulbee: Canton Music Academy’s New Guitar Teacher

Canton Music Academy is excited to introduce Kyle Taulbee, our new guitar teacher. Kyle is a self-made performing musician, songwriter, and DIY music producer. He comes from a background in behavioral psychology, where he worked with clients on the autism spectrum and those diagnosed with mood disorders. His job was to teach his clients what others had difficulty teaching them and to help them achieve independence.

As a guitar teacher, Kyle aims to nurture his students’ passion and facilitate the achievement of their goals so they can experience the fulfillment that comes from an active love of music. He believes that his students can become well-rounded and competent musicians who are capable of expressing themselves fully on the guitar and even doing professional work as a guitarist.

Kyle’s approach to teaching guitar is a modern and practical one, driven by the music that his students want to play. He encourages his students to learn any song by ear and expand their repertoire, allowing them to have a long list of songs they can play solo or in a band. He teaches a versatile skill set suited to playing in multiple styles/genres, and his students will gain an understanding of music that they can apply to making their own songs.

Kyle’s curriculum is effective and includes systems to track progress, allowing his students to watch (and hear) themselves improve. He offers individualized lesson plans to help his students achieve their goals, and he fosters an inclusive environment where anyone can learn to play music.

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Aside from guitar-focused lessons, Kyle also offers lessons on songwriting, DIY music production, and music business. He is excited to share his knowledge and experience with his students and help them achieve their musical dreams.


As a self-taught guitarist, Kyle knows what it’s like to learn from the ground up and feel discouraged or uncertain about what to do next. He’s hit many walls when learning an instrument or studying theory and can help his students move past them or avoid them completely. He’s seen firsthand the things that his students can achieve with a focused and directed effort, and he believes that music can work for anyone.

In summary, if you’re looking for a person-centered, inclusive guitar instructor who knows how to work with people from all walks of life, look no further than Kyle Taulbee at Canton Music Academy. With his practical approach to learning guitar, individualized lesson plans, and systems to track progress, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a competent and professional musician that people will want to work with.

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