Musical Performance

Musical Performance

While music can be and often is a private and personal pursuit for people, chances are at some point involvment in music will lead to public musical performance. Whether it be with a school band/choir, with your private lesson studio, in a college/university setting, in a hobbyist community band/orchestra/choir setting or even semi-professionally or professionally the chances of someone pursuing music and not coming across the opportunity to perform is almost non-existent.

I am a firm believer that those who choose to pursue music, even in a hobby capacity should pursue opportunities to perform. Performing music allows you first and foremost to experience the joy of sharing your talent, and hard work with the world. From personal experience I can tell you there are few things more satisfying then spending weeks or months on a piece(s) and hearing a thunderous applause after a concert.

Performing music also is an entirely different experience than practicing music in a school setting, home setting, or private lesson setting. Chances are nerves are high, there are microphones and lights to work with, there is a crowd of hundreds, or thusands of people waiting to hear your performance, your family and friends are there, there are other musicians or accompianists present that you are counting on to play their part.

In spite of all of that though performing music is a satisfying and rewarding venture. You get the chance to create art in a live enviroment with others supporting you, cheering you on, and ultimately getting to listen to your hard work and dedication.

The Academies typically offer recital opportunities. These opportunies allow the students that learn with us to get performance experience.

Canton Music Academy: https://www.cantonmusicacademy.com/

Recitals: https://www.grossepointemusicacademy.com/about/recital/

Written by Tyler Gillon

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