Piano: A Foundational Instrument

Did you know that most professional musicians end up learning at least rudimentary piano? This is especially true for any musician who ends up studying music at the collegiate or university level. In fact, those who choose to study music in higher education typically have to take two to three semesters of piano studies in order to satisfy course requirements and graduate. Piano is a fundamental and foundational element of music and while it is not necessary or required to understand or play music it does make the process of learning music and understanding music theory immensely easier.

So Why the Piano?

  • Due to its intuitive layout and ability to play multiple notes at once, understanding and explaining topics in music theory such as half and whole steps, intervals, harmony, and chord structure is made tremendously easier.
  • The piano also has a range and diversity that most other instruments don’t have. It can function as a melody and harmony/rhythm instrument at the same time playing chord progressions with one hand and playing melodies with the other. Few other instruments boast the ability for the musician to play ten notes at once and more if you employ advanced or unconventional techniques and methods. In addition, pianists have access to a massive library of music as the piano is found in nearly every (if not every) type of western music genre that exists (Classical, Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Country, Pop, Electronic Dance Music, Showtunes and Musical Soundtracks, Movie and TV Scores etc.)
  • The piano also gives you great dexterity and hand independence.
  • The piano teaches you to learn treble and bass clef simultaneously and teaches you how to read a Grand Staff.
  • It is a very useful tool for composing/songwriting as well as arranging.
  • For the professional musician it opens up new opportunities for teaching and performance

So, for all those current and future musicians out there, having at least a rudimentary knowledge of playing the piano will give you a better understanding of music as a whole and make you a better player on whatever instrument you play primarily.


Canton Music Academy: https://www.cantonmusicacademy.com/

Written by Tyler Gillon

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