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Sweetwater Instrument Rental

Sweetwater Instrument Rental

Recently the academies became a Sweetwater Instrument Rental Associate. What this means is that we are considered one of the locations that can give out as well as return rental instruments to and from Sweetwater.

Sweetwater is a trusted name in the music industry and sells everything from live sound gear, to recording gear, and various kinds of instruments and instrument related technology.

Every instrument that is rented from Sweetwater passes a 40 point inspection and comes with a worry-free return policy. What this policy means is that if you decide to retun an instrument you will only be charged for the time you have it until it returns to Sweetwater. In addition there is an optional Rental Protection Plan that keeps can get you playing quickly even if something happens to your instrument.

With Sweetwater you can rent various Woodwinds, Strings, Brass, and Percussions Instruments for affordable pricing.

Sweetwater offers flexible rental terms, options to buy out your instrument for a discounted price as well as free shipping on your instrument. Getting an instrument from them is as easy as visiting their website and filling out their form. You can select any of our sites as a location and from their your a few easy steps away.

Sweetwater is and has been a trusted reatiler in the music industry for over 40 years. They are dedicated to providing great customer service and support and have a team of Rental Specialists that are able to assist you with your needs. They have strong relationships with instrument vendors and manufactorers, and have an active involvment in the music community.

Written by Tyler Gillon – Woodwinds, Drums, and Piano Instructor


Sweetwater: https://www.sweetwater.com/instrument-rentals/rent

Website: https://www.cantonmusicacademy.com/

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