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Sweetwater Instrument Rental Affiliate

Sweetwater Band Instrument Rentals

If you are interested in becoming a musician, but don’t know exactly where or how to start, Canton Music Academy can help. We have skilled staff members who are ready and able to help you meet your musical goals. We have recently made the process of learning an instrument even easier by becoming a Sweetwater Instrument Rental Affiliate. Sweetwater makes renting instruments easy and affordable.

To those that are in the music industry in any capacity, Sweetwater needs no introduction. If you are new to the world of music Sweetwater has been and continues to be a major music supplier offering everything from instruments and live sound gear, to recording gear and DJ’ing gear.

Sweetwater makes the process of renting an instrument very easy. All you have to do is visit the link below, select what instrument you would like to rent, fill out some related information, and then wait for your instrument. Each Sweetwater instrument passes a 40 point inspection and comes with an optional insurance plan to keep non-playing hours to a minimum. They also offer a hassle free returning policy if you decide the instrument isn’t for you or end up purchasing one elsewhere.

  • Renting with Sweetwater is easy and affordable
  • Just follow the links below and fill out the required information
  • Sweetwater is fairly quick with their shipping and their instruments are all pass a 40 point inspection.

If you are interested in renting an instrument, check out the link below and click the one of our academies as your school. From there just fill out some information and wait for your instrument to arrive.

Sweetwater: Band & Orchestra Instrument Rentals and Sales | Sweetwater.com

Website: https://www.cantonmusicacademy.com/

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